Ways to save electricity bill in summer

Save Electricity in Summer

Saving on electricity bill in summer can be quite challenging. Figuring out the best way to ventilate your home will result in serious savings and a reduction in energy consumption. These are some simple energy saving techniques that can help you save on electricity bill in summer . 

1. Turn on the AC only when you need it

Ensure that air-conditioning unit is set to “auto” rather than the “on” mode, as this will regulate the room temperature more effectively. Do not set your AC lower than 24 degrees Celsius, this not only removes the hassle of constantly adjusting your thermostat but also will help save your electricity cost. 

2. Keep your air-conditioning units well maintained in summer

Make sure your air-conditioning units are well maintained by having a checkup from a trustworthy maintenance company. Make sure AC air filters are clean, refrigerant levels are topped up and electrical connections are working correctly. If AC is not maintained well, it will reduce the cooling process and in turn will affect the electricity bill.

3. Close blinds, windows, or shades during the day

In summer, sun can heat up a room very quickly. Drawing the curtains in empty rooms to help reduce the heat radiation through your windows will keep your home cooler.

4. Use fans instead of air conditioning

Running a fan is always a lot cheaper than running an air conditioner. Give your air conditioning unit some break whenever possible. Turn off the AC and run a fan when room is bit cooler. This will help lower the energy cost in summer.

5.Spend time outdoors

To save on electricity bill in summer, spend more time outside. By spending time outside  you can not only have fun doing different activities, you can also save energy costs because you will not be using lights, electronics and air conditioning at home.   You just need to ensure that  all electronics are turned off before leaving the house.

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