Safeguard your home from Coronavirus

Safeguard your home from Coronavirus

Staying at home is the best thing everyone can do for themselves and community to decrease the spread of coronavirus.  But chances are you will have to still leave the house at some point for urgent work.  Also you may have to get the items delivered to your home.  We have to take some basic precautions to try to reduce your risk of getting contacted to coronavirus.

Tips to safeguard your home from Coronavirus.

1.Clean and disinfect surfaces that are touched frequently.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces is an important part of keeping the virus from spreading.  Other than normal swabbing and cleaning of your house, it is important to disinfect, frequently touched surfaces which include door knobs, switches, chairs, tables, remote controls, phones etc. Apply an EPA-approved disinfectant to clean surfaces. Throw away any disposable cleaning materials immediately. Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning.

2. Place dirty clothes and linens in a lined hamper.

Wash your laundry with warm water.  Warm water also helps soaps and detergents wash away germs and viruses effectively. Dry all the clothes completely after washing them. Do not forget to disinfect your laundry hamper between uses.

3. Practice good hygiene and social distancing while you are out.

If you take basic steps to protect yourself while you are out, you will reduce the chances of bringing the virus back home.  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.  Avoid trips to the store by proper planning or go at times when it is less likely to be busy. Take a shower right after you are back home.

4. Take care while dealing with the deliveries.

Wash your hands after picking up delivered items. This will help protect you from any coronavirus particles that might be lingering on the packaging.   Dispose of the packaging immediately if you do not need or cannot easily disinfect them.  Clean and disinfect non disposable packaging.  There is no evidence that the coronavirus is foodborne, but it is still a better to wash any produce you bring home thoroughly before eating it. Cooking your food properly should also kill any lingering germs or viruses.


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