How to manage working from home and parenting during COVID 19

manage work and home during coronavirus

With the COVID 19 outbreak, you may be feeling tensed and uncertain about the sudden changes to your daily routine.  People all over the world are going through the inconveniences.  We all have to make some kind of adjustments to deal with the current situation.  As we work from home and our kids are also taking online classes it becomes difficult for us to juggle between both the works.  But by proper planning, we can manage both, work and parenting well.  Here are some suggestions to manage working from home and help children with school during COVID 19.

1. Decide on daily meal times

Decide on a breakfast, lunch and dinner time that works for you and your family.  Prepare a meal plan for upcoming week in advance.  By preparing meal plan in advance, you can make accurate grocery list and avoid wastage of food, money and also save time.  If you plan your meal and meal time well, you don’t have to waste time stressing about it throughout the day.

2. Make a time table for your kids’ school work

Download the program and application you need for the classes.  Practice all the applications well with your child so that your kid is comfortable using them during the classes. Train your child to attend the class independently.  During the online classes, give your younger child play time with his favorite toys.   Set aside a time for homework.  For instance set aside 4-5 PM every day to sit with your child and complete the homework.

3. Set a schedule for your office work

Create a schedule for yourself.  Get dressed and ready for the day.  Working in pajamas will make you feel lazy.  If you do not want to wear proper office outfit, at least wear something that you’d feel comfortable wearing out of the house.  Write down the most important tasks you need to accomplish each day.  Focus on one work at a time.  Choose the workplace at home where you can focus.  Ask your spouse or older child for assistance whenever needed.  Keep open communication with your boss and address any concerns.

4. Set aside a time for kids’ activities and family entertainment

Set aside a time each day for physical and fun activities.  Spend quality time with each child and remind them that they can talk to you about anything.  This will make them feel secured and important.


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