A beautiful lawn doesn't happen by itself. ...


Nathan Padival, nano power project manager having 11 years of experience and solid background in filed of landscaping and garden maintenance in Dubai, is considered as the best consultant in the field of landscape. He has successfully completed  major projects in Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Village, Down Town, Box Park  in Dubai. 

About Our Services

  • Landscape creation and innovative design.
  • Landscape execution and garden maintenance.
  • Hardscape works includes fountains, statues, pergola, sitting benches, walk paths etc.,
  • Avenue plantation.
  • Residential gardens, terrace garden.
  • Lawn management and irrigation systems.
  • Supply of all ornamental plants include indoor and outdoor plants & lawn.

Designs & Landscape Execution

Our aim is to transform an open space into a fantastic garden or terrace a fashion garden, where you can spend unforgettable relaxing hours, alone or in someone’s company. 

Customized Services

landscape architecture

Landscape Architecture

It is one of the decorative arts and is allied to architecture and city planning. Landscape architects begin with the natural terrain and enhance, re-create, or alter existing land forms.

garden maintenance

Garden Maintenance

NANO Power is specialized in offering peerless Garden Maintenance Services to the valued clients. We provide advice for the scientific methods of gardening with economical viable solution.

landscape development

Landscape Development

Nano Power also offers specialized Landscape Development services to our clients at market leading prices. Further, we also undertake annual maintenance programs of gardens at reasonable prices.

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