How to help your kids cope with COVID 19 Pandemic

help your kids cope with coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our daily life drastically.  Kids are struggling with disappointment and frustration due to school closures and social distancing.  So it is important that you help your kids cope with COVID 19 pandemic.  Though you do not want your kids worrying about the pandemic, it is likely that they hear about the scary situation everywhere.  By talking to your child about coronavirus, you can make sure they feel informed, calm and in control of their health. 

Tips to help your kids cope with COVID 19 Pandemic

1. Talk to them about coronavirus.

Explain to them about the virus and the symptoms using age appropriate language.  Be open and listen to them.  Assure them that Experts around the world are working hard every day to learn about this virus and how to keep people safe.  Remind them that you care and that they can talk to you anytime.

2. Educate your child to follow basic hygiene rules

  Teach your child importance of hand washing and social distancing.  You are a model for your child’s behavior.  If you practice keeping safe distances and hygiene yourself, your children and teenagers will learn from you.

3. Spend quality time with each child

  Set aside time to spend with each child every day.  Help them with their school activities.  It makes children feel loved and secure. Spending time with them individually make them feel they are important.

4. Spend quality time together as a family

Arrange a whole-family activity each day.  Create a flexible but consistent daily routine.   Enjoy a favorite TV program or movie together.  Exercise together as a family.  Share responsibilities.

5. Keep it positive

Use positive words when telling your child to obey the rules.  Praise your child when they are behaving well. Shouting at your child will just make you and them more stressed.  Keep calm and manage stress. Help them connect with family and friends through social media and other safe distancing ways.


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