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Wooden Flooring Supply & Installation

People have now days stopped using concrete, marble and cemented flooring because of high maintenance it requires. Hence in all the high profile areas wooden flooring has become very common. Due to the low maintenance and cost effectiveness, people prefer these over other flooring. It is manufactured and prepared with the help of timber. People used to be fond of wooden roofing and ceiling but with the passage of time people have realized the importance of wooden flooring. Not even from budget point of view it has been the choice from aesthetic point of view as well. 

How wooden flooring is made?

Wooden floorings are made from timber or wooden planks under high compression. On the basis of the style of manufacturing it has been classified into various types as well. Sometimes some other elements are also used along with the natural wood to enhance certain properties of the wooden flooring. That is why certain floorings are natural wooden floorings and some are called as engineered wooden floorings.

Types of wood flooring

A number of wood flooring’s are available with the manufacturers and suppliers.

1. Hardwood flooring: These are simple planks generally milled from the timber. It is quite popular and commonly used in the hilly areas.

2. Solid wood manufacturing: It is again milled from timber but that piece of timber is kiln and air dried. The moisture content of this type is controlled with the help of the process mentioned above.

3. Rotary peel: The preparation of this flooring is different than the above two. It is prepared by boiling the wood for a period of time and then peeling of the surface. The center of the wood is then pressed flat with high pressure.

4. Engineered wood: It is composed of two or more layers of wood. There are a number of engineered woods available in the market. Engineered wood is present day choice.

Carpet Flooring Supply & Installation

We supply and Install all types of carpet flooring and suggest the best suitable product to the client. Our company is associated with almost all the Top Builders & Developers, Architects & Interiors Designers, Landscape Designers, Dealers & Distributors , Hotels, Schools, Offices, Residences etc.  Our carpet flooring is of best quality and most affordable.

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